Monday, 22 November 2021

Little by little

Its Monday and we went shopping today. Its cold and bright and a beautiful winter day. Sam is cooking pasta for our tea. I am about to take Teddy out for a walk before dark.Christmas in a slow way this year. Bit by bit. So here is another photo of my current decor.

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Beginning to think of Christmas right now.

So i am not big on decorating for Christmas but i do like a few Christmassy items around and the magic of the season plus the true meaning of it all. Its a beautiful season. So I will be blogging some of the journey through December this year. Here is my very Christmassy bowl of Potpourri <3 smells delicious

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Its Halloween evening. Not that i have done anything much for Hallows eve. I have been busy doing boring normal stuff and arty stuff. Last time i posted i told about moving home. We did, buy literally just next door in the same building (sheltered housing flats ) We moves just to have a little more space as it was slightly bigger than our own flat. I am glad we did. Its much better for us here. Since last month, Sam and I have begun working on our next abandoned house project. Its going well and soon i will share photo's of it, but its still in the early stages with at least a years work to do on it. The house will house a witch too but she needs her clothes first as i have so far only made her hat.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Moving home

Yesterday we got the news we had been waiting for. We move into another flat/apartment in the sheltered housing building we already live in. It is the flat next door. I know it sounds crazy but the reason is 'space' We will have a little more room in that tiny flat, than in this one. At least we will have room to walk around the bed and have a decent living room space. So here we go. I will be back to blog as soon as things settle down again.

Sunday, 27 June 2021


Feeling a bit better today thankfully. I am totally in the mood to bake today. Thinking of trying a couple of new recipes out which i added recently to my new recipe book. One is for Blueberry muffins and the other for Oat and honey scones. Both copied from Pinterest of course.
Also will be working on our third Abandoned house project. Its just at the very beginning so we have a long way to go.
And a couple of digital pieces i really enjoyed doing yesterday. Feel free to print and use these too.

Saturday, 26 June 2021


 Teddy woke me early today. Took him out into the garden. He is settled now and sleeping. I have had a sore throat and headachy plus watery eyed for the last few days. Checked my temp which is high for me but not high. Its 37.0 when normally it would be 36.5 -  I was a little worried it might be the Delta Covid Virus so i checked the temp. I do not think it is, but just to be safe around others i have taken myself into isolation for the next few days. I have COPD and some immune problems so i must be careful myself too but it does seem too mild to be anything other than a summer cold so far so not getting too worried,.

I was watching all the gorgeous projects made from printable papers on Youtube this morning and wishing i had a printer so i could have some in my stash but i don't I only have a black and white one. I can make them digitally but then can't print the gorgeous colour backgrounds.  

This got me to thinking. I should share some of mine on here too. So here you go. here are some printables you might like, feel free to save and use as you wish. 

I will make more and share in the future too. I have so many things i made digitally when i had Dezinaworld and now i still enjoy playing with digital and making backgrounds so why not share amongst my art friends here. 

I am hoping to finish another small collage piece on my journal today. Hope to post tomorrow. 

Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you so much if you followed me. 

Hugs June x

Friday, 25 June 2021

Smiles for Friday


The week has been hot hot hot .... until today. Today we have rain in buckets full. Its a lot cooler too. 

 But I captured plenty of colour to post this Smiley Friday.

Sam decided to add a little rock circle around our birdy tree and that prompted a little trip to the garden shop for some Kalanchoe plants to add a little colour. 

Then of course there is crafts. I made a little fabric/paper collage cluster and it featured some vintage Lovebirds. They always make me smile. 

Have a wonderful day all and a magical weekend.
Thanks for visiting. 

Little by little

Its Monday and we went shopping today. Its cold and bright and a beautiful winter day. Sam is cooking pasta for our tea. I am about to take ...