Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Busy day on the Gemini

 One of the things i am not so keen on is working on a die cut machine. So i usually drag it out now and again and just blast through a few at once. I honestly am not that enamoured with the whole die cutting thing and if i had not spent so much on the dies and the machine i think i would just buy packs of the die cuts i want lol. 

Anyway I am off to cover a little grey hair again. (Ok well A LOT !)  Was going to leave it to go grey. Might do in the next year but going to use the box of dye i have in the cabinet first lol.  

A few friends were asking to see more of my journal pages (thanks everyone you made me feel good about that } so here are two more spreads from my journal. I will keep sharing when i can in the future too.  

OOOOHHHH I just ordered a little 'pick up tool' for small work. I do a lot of miniatures so wanted to try it. If you have one can you please tell me your thoughts and if they are any good and if so what brand is good ? 

Ok off to the hairdressing salon (my bathroom) lol. 


  1. Would tweezers work for small pick up?
    thanks for sharing your pages-I loved seeing them I still touch the grey too-its' mostly just right on top-but my hair keeps getting thinner and thinner these days enjoy your day Kathy

  2. Did you ever read "Anne of Green Gables"? Remember when she tried to dye her auburn hair black and it turned green instead? A classic scene!

  3. I die cut like you do. My machine stays out, but I only die cut on occasion. I am loving your journal pages though. Especially the row of little children. And I had to laugh about the 50 shades of grey. Hope the colors looks great. hugs-Erika

  4. Not sure how I got so far behind. I found that if I had the die cutter close by, I might use it more. Nope, hasn't happened since I put it through its paces at Christmas. My problem is I don't have many dies and can't afford to buy them, either. I bought some this summer and they aren't what I thought they would be.

    LOVE your journal pages, though. I am in awe of the little children in the jars and the butterflies. These are stunning, June. Good luck with your hair coloring.


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