Sunday, 31 October 2021

Its Halloween evening. Not that i have done anything much for Hallows eve. I have been busy doing boring normal stuff and arty stuff. Last time i posted i told about moving home. We did, buy literally just next door in the same building (sheltered housing flats ) We moves just to have a little more space as it was slightly bigger than our own flat. I am glad we did. Its much better for us here. Since last month, Sam and I have begun working on our next abandoned house project. Its going well and soon i will share photo's of it, but its still in the early stages with at least a years work to do on it. The house will house a witch too but she needs her clothes first as i have so far only made her hat.


  1. Happy Halloween! I guess your witch is all ready for her sky-clad Samhain ritual!


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