Sunday, 27 June 2021


Feeling a bit better today thankfully. I am totally in the mood to bake today. Thinking of trying a couple of new recipes out which i added recently to my new recipe book. One is for Blueberry muffins and the other for Oat and honey scones. Both copied from Pinterest of course.
Also will be working on our third Abandoned house project. Its just at the very beginning so we have a long way to go.
And a couple of digital pieces i really enjoyed doing yesterday. Feel free to print and use these too.


  1. I just made lemon blueberry muffins yesterday -- yum! Your digital piece with the yellow writing pad and fern fronds really speaks to me for some reason -- love it!

  2. The house project looks like it will be fun. It's too hot to bake anything where I am. This is our 3rd or 4th heat wave of the season. Ugh.


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