Saturday, 26 June 2021


 Teddy woke me early today. Took him out into the garden. He is settled now and sleeping. I have had a sore throat and headachy plus watery eyed for the last few days. Checked my temp which is high for me but not high. Its 37.0 when normally it would be 36.5 -  I was a little worried it might be the Delta Covid Virus so i checked the temp. I do not think it is, but just to be safe around others i have taken myself into isolation for the next few days. I have COPD and some immune problems so i must be careful myself too but it does seem too mild to be anything other than a summer cold so far so not getting too worried,.

I was watching all the gorgeous projects made from printable papers on Youtube this morning and wishing i had a printer so i could have some in my stash but i don't I only have a black and white one. I can make them digitally but then can't print the gorgeous colour backgrounds.  

This got me to thinking. I should share some of mine on here too. So here you go. here are some printables you might like, feel free to save and use as you wish. 

I will make more and share in the future too. I have so many things i made digitally when i had Dezinaworld and now i still enjoy playing with digital and making backgrounds so why not share amongst my art friends here. 

I am hoping to finish another small collage piece on my journal today. Hope to post tomorrow. 

Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you so much if you followed me. 

Hugs June x


  1. Beautiful papers! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. COPD makes everything harder :( I love your paper designs.

  3. Sending all good wishes that you don't have Delta variant. I have lung issues as well and have lived in real fear of Covid till I was fully vaccinated and even now am still very careful in public. I hope you feel better quickly. The papers are lovely.

  4. These are beautiful. I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I've had similar symptoms myself for the past few days, and also had the same worry: Delta?! But my temperature was normal, so it could be seasonal allergies (which have lasted for weeks!) or a sinus infection.


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