Saturday, 19 June 2021

If it Bleeds ...

 Began today enjoying the garden again in the warm June sunshine but mostly in the gentle shade of the tree. I took my phone and i began to play my latest book. Stephen King's "If it bleeds". I have long been a fan of his books. I have a dark soul (hahaha ! ).

 We also sat out late last night and watched the sun go down and the solar lights go on. My fave time of day is twilight. 

These are my first two journals of 2021 - They are quite different and are basically just my catch all journals, memories, things i like, my art and crafts play. Cards and letters from friends. Pressed flowers, my small writings and other things including old postcards and old photographs. They are constantly being filled with more and more 'Stuff' and that to me is the beauty of them. They just keep going and getting fatter and fatter. They are wonderful to look back on every now and then, Coffee dyed papers, painty papers, cardstock papers, old ephemera too. This hobby is amazing and addictive. Everything is made from scratch including the covers.  And when they begin to look too full .... well i just make another one lol. 

We had a lovely visit from my youngest son David  and his girlfriend Rhian and my grandson Riley. It was wonderful to see them. Visits have been so few over the last two years and each time i have a hug seems extra special. Dave said he will try and get over next weekend too as he has missed us both too. 

Later this afternoon I enjoyed sitting in the garden with Sam and Teddy. I was colouring with water colours and enjoying the afternoon. A little bird was stuck between the wire fence and next doors wood fence. We worried but Sam managed to get an extra perch in there for it, and it finally managed to fly up from the perch and Its mum was waiting with a worm in her mouth. A wonderful moment indeed. 


  1. I know what you mean about twilight. It is one of my favorites, too. Your day sounds just lovely! And so are your journals!

  2. It’s so nice to sit out in the garden isn’t it. I love to just listen to and watch the birds and the greedy squirrel and it’s antics. We have a little solar fountain in the pond and we sit for ages watching it. We both chuckle at how much it amuses us.
    I’m doing a little zoom sketch workshop on Monday night and hoping it will kick start me into picking up a sketchbook more .
    Enjoy your day and thanks for popping over to mine x

  3. Your journals look marvelous! I can imagine how wonderful a hobby that must be.

  4. Hi June, great that you could join us at Friday Smiles, and the happy ending with the little bird certainly made me smile.
    Sitting in a lovely garden is always nice, whatever time really (twilight passes so quickly).
    I've not read that book, but I'm no fan of horror stories, so I might give that one a miss.
    Your journal looks awesome.
    Have a good week,


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