Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Dear Diary ...

 Its been a while since i blogged. I gave up Facebook a while back and no longer have an account. I am glad, its given me tons more time to myself. I have Instagram but am finding that not too good and dont want to get hooked too much on that either so as always i come back to my beginnings .... Blogland. 

Seriously i do not mind if nobody else reads my blogs (although that would be nice ) When i began 57 Beyond i was of course ..... 57. Now i am 61 and going into my 62nd year hopefully. Like everyone i have found this year one of the most difficult but not as bad as many people have and i count my blessings every day for that. 

We lost our beautiful Jojo this year and it broke our hearts. Now we have a rescue dog who came to us a week ago yesterday. He is 7 years old and i will drop a photo in here. He is such a cute cuddly boy and he was named perfectly 'Teddy' He is settling in very well and is good as gold.

I came back to writing here because i would like to add my art, my memories and my memories in the making. 

22ND DEC 2020    Beyond .....


  1. Sorry to hear about JoJo, but welcome Teddy!

  2. Oh he is gorgeous Juney - and will help to fill that hole left by JoJo.
    Keep going matey - blogland is the only thing that has kept me going this year!

  3. Teddy is adorable! Here's hoping the new year will be better for us all.


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