Monday, 15 June 2020

Let me tell you ...

My birthday was incredibly good. So lovely because of many things. I got to see my son and his girlfriend for an hour in the garden social distancing. It was wonderful. They brought me Stephen kings new hardback novel 'If it bleeds'. I had stopped reading after getting a Kindle and just ... well never really taking to it. I need the whole Book experience, touch, smell, feel, and see and totally enjoy so for the first time in years i shall be doing just that. 

Above Lucie and my son Adam

My sister came around with gifts and we social distanced across the bonnet of her Mercedes (2 meters lol )  She passed me  a lovely card and some gorgeous gifts. Girly stuff of course. I am so very close to my sister and it was lovely to catch up a little. 

My little brother rang from Canada and we talked and Marie his wife recommended some good violin covers to look out for.  That was really nice to chat with them too.

My youngest son and his girlfriend could not call but they are coming tomorrow to visit and its something wonderful to look forward to.

My other brother rang me this morning and we had a long catch up and exchanged whatsapp photos of art etc. He is a fab artist.

I rang my uncle to see how he is and he is wonderful, and waiting for a call back from my cousin to chat too.

I rang and spoke to my friend Jude and that was a lovely catch up too.

My hubby Sam bought me the Bluetooth headphones and i constantly have listened to much much music. Sitting in the garden, watching the birds in our tree and enjoying the early summer warmth.

How much more can we ask for ? I am happy.

Yesterday i made two ATC'S  and these are for my friend Gina. I am sending off to her soon.

I also would like to thank all my friends for the lovely birthday wishes i have recieved. Thank you all. I am loving being back blogging and i am intent on staying here.

Have a lovely day

Hugs June xxxx


  1. It is nice to know that you that you had a lovely birthday.
    Again...I love your art.
    I have hundreds of books. I am not a Kindle reader...I also love real books.
    Have a nice day 🌷🌞🐦

  2. What a wonderful birthday! Just what is needed to start the summer off on a good footing!

  3. So glad you had a great birthday, dear. I've never owned a Kindle, but I wouldn't use one if I had it. Like you, I prefer the feel of the pages beneath my hand, how they feel when I turn each page, and the years treat them. So glad your son got you that latest King book.

    Sounds like the rest of your birthday was great, too. Enjoy the gifts and love yet to come this month.

  4. Forgot to mention how much I LOVE those ATCs. It's been a LONG time since I made one.

  5. Most stunning ATC's, love the gorgeousness shown here, just beautifully designed too. Happy belated birthday. Following you now..xx

  6. Happy belated birthday! I am so glad you had such a wonderful day. Both your ATC's are gorgeous! Stay safe xxx

  7. So pleased you had a great birthday.
    Love your ATC's.

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