Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Miniature work and more.

Yesterday i spent the afternoon in the GP surgery as i have a flare up of COPD. They did all kinds of tests and finally sent home (phew! ) with Antibiotics and Steroids. Already feel much better today thank goodness. 

  T stands for Tuesday Teeny Tiny
I have in recent years become fond of creating and making miniature scale projects. With hubby Sam, we alter dolls houses and make them into Abandoned houses, etc. The current project is beginning with ground floor as an apothecary. I just love experimenting with things to make miniatures. These bottles are filled with Lavender , crushed dried Rose petals and other herbs. The aroma is lovely to work around too. These are teeny tiny made from empty capsules and glue and beads. I need to fill cabinets with them so many more to do yet.

Its cold here in Darlington today so i am staying home and keeping warm. I shall do a little blog hopping, a little cooking and a lot of sitting and creating. What is your day looking like or is it almost over ? 

Once again i would like to thank my blogging friends for sharing our Blogging badge, We really do need to come and support each other. 

Please keep sharing this badge , and thank you to all my new blog followers, I will be visiting soon. 

Love always 


  1. Glad you area feeling better. The miniatures are so adorable. My goodness that patience it takes to create them. My day is going to be spent doing household chores. Enjoy your day and Happy T Day!

  2. Glad that you are feeling much better! It sounds like you had fun creating your tiny makes too - fabulous 😁. Sending you Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  3. My sister has COPD also. It is nice to hear that you are feeling better now.
    I have your banner on my blog.
    I love the idea about haunted houses made from doll houses!!!

    Have a Lovely Day 💮

  4. Ah no fun having to go to the doctor-I have allergies and asthma and my chest has been so tight lately-a couple years ago they told me I had copd now-didn't believe them haha hope you are feeling much better now. those tiny pieces are amazing-hugs Kathy

  5. Welcome to T Stands For Tuesday, June. Sorry you had a bad week. Your tiny potent bottles are adorable. I suspect your drink reference is one of those bottles contains a liquid potent. They are very clever and very well done. Thanks for sharing these with us for T this Tuesday, and yes, your banner is on my right sidebar as I requested.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Way too tiny for me, Hubby, though would laugh, he works with a special microscope, oh, horrible ;-)
    Cold here, too, glad you feel better none the less.
    Yes. Peace, that would be awesome. Happy T-Day!

  8. I'm glad you feel better now :) Working with miniatures sounds challenging. I love hearing what you've used to make your pieces :)

    I am in sympathy with your blogging banner and hope blogging continues to grow stronger. Like any of the social media, engagement is key and interacting with one another strengthens all of us. When people on Facebook complain that they don't see a variety of posts because of the FB algorithm I always point out that we see more from people we interact more with. Blogging is different in many ways, but interaction and engagement are key both places.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Oh, I LOVE looking at miniatures! I have no talent for making them myself, however. Do you work with a magnifying glass?

    1. No Debra only when absolutely necessary. I work to approx 1 12th scale. xx

  10. Oh gosh, COPD is not nice, and I am glad you are already feeling better on the medication.
    Those miniature bottles are unbelievable! (And they are such an original T-Party qualifier) What a job to make those! I suppose you use the capsules from an inhaler. (some inhalers have capsules that get pierced and then you inhale the contents). Those capsules are usually large and easy to handle and take apart.
    I didn't know blogging was less popular and in need of supporting. I don't know how to put your banner on, but when I have a bit more time I shall find out.
    Happy T-Day,

  11. Glad to hear you're doing better- especially after having such terrible flare ups. Those miniature bottles sure a re tiny! You must really enjoy working with small things. Actually I like working small too (art wise)- but not quite that tiny. Wishing you well and happy T day!

  12. Good to read you are feeling a bit better June.
    Your miniatures look fantastic, it must take you ages to create such small pieces..
    Happy T day wishes June.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Oh June you are so clever working in minature, I hope you're feeling a little better now xx

  14. I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I'm glad the medicine improved things. Those miniatures are adorable. I hadn't heard about that blogging badge.

  15. Hi June, spear you’ve not been well pleased to hear you are feeling a little better, I hate being ill.
    Those cute bottles are so tiny, you must have lots of patience and good eyesight, what a greatHobby to share each to see a finished dolls house
    Have a great crafty week, Jan x

  16. Those are the cutest little drinks. I am fascinated with doll houses and always thought it would be fun to build and design them. ope the meds help your COPD. Hugs-Erika

  17. Very clever to make teeny bottles from capsules, June. You must have very good eyesight and eye-hand coordination. I think I would go cross-eyed trying to make those little bottles -lol.

    Belated Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  18. Sorry you had to spend time in the surgery for all the tests. Glad you are feeling better. My hubby has been getting all kinds of heart tests. So far, just medication is all that is needed. I liked your "funny".
    Happy belated T Day


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