Sunday, 17 November 2019

Cant sit still

Hello my lovely friends. I have this thing ... I cant sit still. cant keep my hands still. I think i have a problem (seriously ) So what does one do when one can not concentrate on the telly ? Yes i have no need to tell you all. Crafts of course.

 Now i need to be doing something that does not need a huge amount of attention at one time. So when i feel that way i like to collage. I like to just pick up one pen, couple of paints and scraps of stuff and glue and paint. Then make something from it all randomly. So that's just what i did. Icad journal collage page.

Now i did work on digital too and that will come later but i was thinking about Blogging and how it has changed and become a lot less popular. I think i prefer blogging than any other social platform so i am sad to think that way and also guilty as hell of not being a good blogger. Well not no more lol !!!

I made a badge to stay top of my side bar to proudly encourage myself and others to keep on blogging, keep on supporting, following, subscribing and COMMENTING to encourage each other to make blogging GREAT again. The badge is below. You are more than welcome to use it (PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE )  Just save the image, and add to your own blog.  

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone 

All my love always, June x

Edit .....  A fun guilty pleasure video for the day. 


  1. Wow, you're psychic! My post tomorrow (which I wrote yesterday) is going to be on the same topic! But now, thanks to you, I'm going to end it with your fabulous blogging badge (giving you credit as its creator with a link to this post). How super!

  2. I've also noticed more and more bloggers are leaving the blogosphere. It saddens me, because I am NOT on any other social media site. Thank you for creating this digital button and if you don't mind, I'll add it to my right sidebar, which will then lead back here.

    This is also a gorgeous ICAD collage. That rose immediately caught my eye.

  3. Lovely collage, great to see you around again! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Saved and adding badge right now. FB is way too toxic at the moment and I wish I hadn't left my blog for so long...and like you I am a fidget lol, just spent all day turning house upside down looking for a knitting pattern I KNOW I HAVE already...finally gave in and re downloaded lol (and I WAS supposed to be making up christmas cards) XXX

  5. Hello, came over from Debra's blog. I'm a long-term blogger too and agree with your comments and I'll be adding your badge to my blog today! Also a video of Home Alone doing that song. I'm never heard the original before so thank you.

  6. Your collage is just lovely; you are very talented!!
    Blogging is also my favorite form of social media. I appreciate the 'conversations' with my peeps in blogging. Have a great day. Suz

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  8. Hello June
    Popped over from Debra's blog.
    I love the blog community and have been blogging since 2008 so I have added your badge to my blog.
    All the best

  9. I love your collage piece! It's beautiful. And I agree with you on blogging!


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