Thursday, 2 May 2019

Thursday already

Hello my friends. Its a blogging day so hoping to pay lots of visits to you today.

The vegan journey has begun and i am finding out lots of things i didn't know about food and drink. It certainly is a learning process. I have begun by stocking up on veggies, rice and grains, more nuts and seeds, fruit and veg. Yesterday i finished off my old pasta in preparation for the changes and cooked up some veggies with it.

Today i thought i would share pictures of my little fur ball 'Jojo'  I wanted you to see some of the cuteness i have in my life.

Some of you are aware that i love my digital work too so i have added a page today with Some of the digital work i have done in 2019 and a couple of older ones. They can be found by clicking on top bar dark and digital section. (be warned .... avoid if you dont like scary stuff lol. )

This is one of those favourites. Its called 'We can do magic'

Hope everyone has a wonderful arty fun day  
June x


  1. Ooow you sound so determined to make changes to your life style....hope they all suit your needs and bring you smiles :D XXX

  2. Wow, that really does look delicious...and healthy!
    I love the picture of your little "Jojo" cute...I would love to cuddle him/her!😊
    And your art is truly magical...I just adore Fairies and all magical beings...this is wonderful!!

    Have a great weekend xxx

  3. Change can be really good, especially when we are willing. Veggies are yummy (and good for the tummy).

  4. You are quite the artist! And Jojo is adorable!

  5. Your digital work has a quality of wonder to it. Your pup is super cute too. The veggie pasta looks yummy.

  6. Jojo is adorable. Such a cutie. I am very impressed by your digital art. You should consider entering this at Art Journal Journey (, where our theme is In the sky/In the air. Your fairies are definitely ready to take off and your butterfly is gorgeous.

  7. I have slowly been going vegan. Cut out almost all beef so far. Only have chicken....and beef when it's in an Italian sauce. Your little doggie is so sweet. I miss having a pet.

  8. Your Jojo is the cutest June- such a lovely friend,- and your meal looks great .
    I always admired your digital art, but never come to try it myself :-)
    Hugs to you. xx


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