Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Sunday Postcard Art

So i have had 3 hospital appts, one CT scan and one dental appointment. Lots of time in the garden and no blogging lol. So here i am catching up with everyone.

I created these two postcards for Sunday Postcard Art.  The theme (chosen by me ) was Flower Child'  Using  papers, cut images, paint and pens. I have had a lot of fun making these as i dont get to collage often but am really enjoying it just now. I hope you will enjoy my postcards and pop over and see the fantastic ones from Mandy and everyone else at SPA   

Many Thanks to Mandy for allowing me to choose a theme.


  1. They are beautiful cards, dear June- and the blue flowergirl, is stunning !!!
    So many appts , poor you, I know how it is, and hope all shows good results , my friend. xoxo

  2. Lovely cards.
    Thank you for the nice theme 💝

  3. Ooow these are beautiful June!!! and what a great size to be working in...I find ATC's a little restrictive :D XXX

    1. Thanks Gina, yes postcard size is perfect. Loved doing these x

  4. I love these postcards, June


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