Thursday, 25 April 2019

So today I had an early morning appointment with a very nice new doctor (Italian, I love Italian men lol , even though i am happily married to an English man. )  The doc wants me to have course of Iron and BP tweaks after i have been for my Endoscopy. Also got to go for a CT scan in two weeks time. Its all go lol.  Anyway i just thought i would come and blog some of my recent pics and then i have some work to do for Sunday Postcard Art.  I shall do some blogging soon too. Love to all this beautiful day. x 

This is Sammy and his future puppy. 6 weeks to wait for this fur baby. Sammy is one of my youngest grandchildren. 

Above some of the garden beginning to bloom. 


  1. It's obvious you are fond of your family and your grandson is a real cutie. I bet he can't wait to get his new puppy.

    Your flowers are incredible. Just beautiful.

  2. Good luck with the tests. Sammy is so very handsome a young man!


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