Wednesday, 24 April 2019

scary bottle i made

Hi all, i have been unwell for a while and awaiting tests to find out if anything not so good going on. The tests begin 30th with Endoscopy. The progress of my artwork has been affected but i am ready to beat it  now and finally completed my scary 'Creature bottle' Which took a good few weeks to finish. I miss you all and my blogging so will be visiting you again soon.

Hugs June x


  1. A single creepy lizard eye and bloody bandages - a bottle designed to hold a powerful potion or poison, I'd guess. But on a lighter note, I hope your tests go well, answers are found and healing occurs!

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope you find getting back to art somewhat healing, to spirit at least.

  3. I love that creepy eye. I would probably stare at it all day. It looks... thoughtful.

    On a crappier note (I have terrible manners, obviously), I will be going in for a colonoscopy on the same day. Mine is just to make sure chemo wasn't to mean to my gut, so we are expecting nothing remarkable. I hope the same is true of your endoscopy. I hope you are well. I shall keep you in my thoughts.

  4. Very scary! Great idea. Hope you soon feel better. Hugs, Valerie

  5. First, I want to thank you for dropping by my blog. It means the world to me. Second, I am SO sorry you have not been well. I have checked out our art and you make beautiful digital art as well as polymer clay goodies.

    This bottle is incredible. I love it. That eye is scary, but so realistic. You have a rare gift and I absolutely LOVE this bottle.

    I sincerely hope you receive good news from your tests. I will hold you in my thoughts, too.

  6. Hi June, thank you so much for you kind comments on my blog, I really appreciate it. I love your creepy bottle and the eyes are amazing - so is the effect you've achieved with the 'bandages'.
    I'm so sorry to hear you are awaiting tests, and I do hope they all go well for you - it's a stressful time isn't it, and sometimes the not knowing feels worse than dealing with an actual problem. Sending positive thoughts,
    Diana x

  7. Dear June, this is so amazing, so fantastic what you did with the gauze , around the eyes, they really looks wonderfully creepy, and the fabric is arranges so beautiful, to give the most scary effect . Such a gorgeous creation !!!
    And sorry for your wait for tests , the endoscopy is not too hard , I prefer it to the colonoscopy which I have had many times. Also I am waiting for results, and have been for weeks, June , so I know about the scare and worry when not feeling as should . I will think of you dear friend. Hugs, Dorthe


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