Monday, 29 April 2019

New look

You may notice i have a new look to my blog. a simple style but perfect for me these days. I like the drop down side bar its leaves the blog looking uncluttered. Love it.
Its been a lovely day and spent some quality time in the garden with hubby and our little dog Jojo. Had a short visit from my son and his wife. Also we went shopping. I picked up some vegetarian items for my new vegan cupboard.

Tomorrow i will be going for the Endoscopy so will have nothing to eat until after that. I will blog when i find out more. 


  1. Good luck with your endoscopy, June. Also, I hope your CT scan goes well, too.

    You asked about T Stands For Tuesday. I can understand why you would be confused. Let me try to explain. Several years ago, another lady hosted Tuesday Tea. She refused to use linky links and we had to try to visit people by copying their link and finding their blog post that way.

    Fast forward a year or so, and she stopped hosting Tuesday Tea without a WORD. She still blogged, but gave NO mention of Tuesday Tea at all. Some of us continued to celebrate tea posts each week, then one day one of the participants asked me to take over the Tea posts.

    I worried there would be repercussions (especially by or from the former host) if I called it Tuesday Tea, so decided, since I didn't care WHAT a person drank, OR shared, as long as it had something to drink in it.

    Here's what I wrote when I started T Stands For Tuesday:

    What qualifies as a T Tuesday post? First, let me make it abundantly clear that you do NOT have to drink tea. And, you do NOT have to photograph your image(s) on Tuesday. You can take your photo(s) any day of the week, then link your post here.

    You can talk about anything, enjoy any drink, create a recipe, show journal pages, flower arrangements, encaustics, your favorite pet (which Bleubeard would love), sewing, altered book pages, a shopping trip, a day at the beach, visiting a museum, shoveling snow, skate boarding, combing your hair (you get the idea), and any photos, as long as you can relate them in some way to a T Stands For Tuesday drink.

    Don't know what to post? Have a story to tell, but don't have a tea cup handy? Haven't been anywhere? Haven't done anything special this week? Don't have a life? Well neither do I.

    Stick an empty glass, mug, or cup some place and take a photo. Photograph one morning, afternoon, or evening when you had a cup of something to drink. Relate the story you want to share to something drink related, even though there's no mug, cup, or glass nearby. If you are at the beach, relate T to how the water reminds you of a cool drink. If you are shoveling snow or making a snowman, relate how you would love to warm up with some hot cocoa. ANY story can be twisted to relate to T Stands For Tuesday. In fact, I think those are the entries that will inspire you the most.

    Some of you are going to ask why I'm posting on Monday afternoon. Most of my internet friends live in different places than I, which is in the central time zone of the US. In the real scheme of things time zone wise, we are toward the end of the 24 hour day.

    And that, my T Stands for Tuesday friends, is why I post every Monday at 4 pm Central Time, and it's also the end of my rant. Let's get this party started, what say?

    I hope that clarifies why I call it T Stands For Tuesday and not TEA stands for Tuesday or Tuesday Tea. If that didn't clear it up for you, please ask again, dear.

    1. Ohhhhh thats great thank you so much. I shall join in with this one it sounds fun x

  2. Nice blog makeover! Good luck with the endoscopy tomorrow!

  3. Spring cleaning is a tad contagious lol. Gorgeous flowers(and JOJO) XXX

    1. Thanks Gina, i shall by by yours soon xxxx

  4. Fingers crossed for your endoscopye June and that the CT scan goes well, too !
    Love from Susi

  5. Dear June , I hope your day went well , and that nothing seriously was found, -
    as I remember one gets the answers right away , so I hope you can relax, and enjoy
    your food this evening . loving thoughts from Dorthe

  6. Your blog looks lovely! And best wishes on your test. I know you'll be glad to have it over and I'm sure the results will be fine!


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