Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Gettin over it & Mini clay fruits

Hi my friends 
Its been a tough couple of weeks. I am still recovering from the remnants of a nasty virus that made my COPD a lot worse. Still unsure if healing properly but will go back to check if need be. I have literally had no strength or desire to do anything and apart from feeling low and frustrated, its been hell. BUT ….. Moving on, since yesterday I have been coming round a little and even made some tiny clay pieces for the Goth Doll house. The scale of these fruits is tiny as you can see. I did start them weeks ago but only just been finishing them today. I will show them properly when I display in their bowl but for now here they are. 

 Polymer clay, alcohol ink type pens and sharpies.


  1. Oh they are so sweet and adorable June, so wonderful created .
    And you dear, I so hope you are healing ok, and that you will soon be on top again.
    Sending you hugs . xoxo

  2. OOOOOOwwwww you are such a tease these days....I thought those fruits were real til I noticed the tape measure lol Gorgeous XXX

  3. Hope ypu feel soon good again dear June ! I love your little fruits ! Gorgeous!

  4. I am so sorry! I truly hope you feel better soon! I love your little fruit! So cute! Big Hugs!


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