Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thursday Evening

So its Thursday evening here in the NE of UK.  I have been very very busy as usual doing lots of things, some digital work for my kits on the other blog, also working on a crystal cross for the cover of a book. And of course, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and various other life things. Along with that hubby and I are working on a dolls house which we intend to turn into a gothic dolls house. Today I helped a little by embossing lots of card to use as ceiling tiles for the room ceilings. Well we want it to look good, its a lot of work but we enjoy it. 

Now I am going to catch up with blogs of my friends and watch Vikings later on.  


  1. Fabulous June, love digital art.x

  2. The doll house sounds amazing! I hope you enjoyed Vikings! Big Hugs!


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