Monday, 14 January 2019

The hair saga.

So a few months ago I began my journey to stop dying my hair and grow grey naturally. This did not however go as easily as I expected. I had been using a red dye and before that dark dyes to cover the grey. Now because I can not afford the ridiculous hairdressing prices, this was a journey I needed to do on my own. 
I began by stripping my hair. This is supposed to take out all hair dyes. It did not. It just turned my hair into a multi coloured mess. Then I thought well I will go light. (My thinking was that the grey would not show as much with lighter hair ) So I bleached my hair and it went blonde but the ends remained orange.
Next I decided to have my hair cut a lot shorter to remove the orange. So I did.

Then I decided the blonde was too blonde so I tried grey dyes to make it more natural, I tried a couple of different ones and it turned blue, then purplish (yes trendy but not me ) I then let my hair rest over Christmas. 

Sadly my hair is only partly grey naturally. So of course (yes you guessed it ) I had not planned for this but of course, dark roots. 

So what was the next plan. I decided to go dark ash blonde as a compromise. I did this yesterday and I am finally happy with the colour. it is not too dark and blends nicely over the roots, and its not the awful straw blonde I hated. (see profile picture )   Here is the new look colour instead.


  1. sorry it wsa such a difficult journey but the final results are fantastic! xo

  2. the price we pay to look nice, the end result is BEAUTIFUL.XX

  3. Hello! Oh yes,i agree..the final result is very beautiful indeed!
    Thank you for visiting my post and for your lovely comment!
    I’m following you now! Enjoy your week!

  4. Hello dear June,
    Happy I found you here.
    What a big effort to get your natural color again- it always takes a lot of time when having been colored, -but you ended up, looking so lovely, and no one would think, it is not your own color, - which it also finally will become :-)
    Big hugs from me- xx

  5. You look great! My grey's are coming in too. I'm just letting them be! They are mixing with my brown hair! LOL! Big Hugs!


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