Sunday, 6 January 2019


You know when you have a million and one ideas for the day and end up not getting through even a quarter of them? Its been one of those kind of days. 
Sorting out clothes to put in wardrobes. Making coleslaw and salad for tea, Going to shops for Gorilla glue and a few other bits but nothing major done here today. 
If only I could just sit and craft, blog and do digital stuff all day …

Tonight I do not want to  miss Dancing on Ice. I usually don't watch much tv but this year it appeals to me so I shall be watching (I think its on tonight lol, I haven't double checked )

My problem is there are never enough hours to do all the things I want to do and I bet many of you feel the same too. I am however determined to be a blogger in 2019. I truly love the blogging community better than any other social media and I will be here more, hopefully building my friendships here back up and my followers. 

I am afraid crafting may be slow this next couple of weeks due to much needed flat make over and sort outs etc. Mad in this house it is , totally mad !  But I will be here blogging whatever I can do, 

Happy Sunday all. Please leave me some love. 


  1. There are never enough hours in the day and I wonder how I even found the time to work with three children and a house to look after-but then again I didn't craft then--actually when I think about it I did knitting crotchet and cake decorating but no blogging then
    Carol x

    1. So true Carol, we fill our days now with creativity as much as we can x

  2. Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today. Happy New Year


    1. Ohhh thank you so much. I enjoyed your blog. will be back x

  3. Just make sure to breath and everything will be alright! Take everything one moment at a time! Big Hugs!


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