Saturday, 12 January 2019

Saturday already ?

And Saturday is not far off finishing also. I keep myself so busy I really am shocked when I realize the time or the day lol. 

Today has been a crafty day. I awaiting the cover to dry on a storage book at the moment so no photographs, Hope to do that tomorrow. I am pleased with the way its going and hoping it will turn out how I want it to. 

I have been very busy also with a huge new digital download kit for my other blog. Its taken some doing due to the amount of elements kit it contains but finally finished and added it to the blog HERE

Also if you are on Facebook you will have access to literally thousands of free images I post in a group I have called  Free Public Domain Images

Please feel free to go along and grab your fill of freebies x


  1. Happy weekend June!
    Joined the group! You are such a generous artist!

    Hugs, Susi

  2. Saturday??? I missed that one altogether lol..and it's 2pm nearly!!! Stay busy friend, it suits you :D XXX

    1. aww thanks Gina, I try to do that, I hate doing nothing it bores me stupid lol x

  3. Sounds like everything is going well! Big Hugs!


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