Saturday, 5 January 2019

Eyebrow Tattoo's

I lost my real eyebrows through over plucking in the 70's. Today I am having them tattooed back on (semi permanent). Its my treat to me lol. Will do pics in a week or two when its settled.

So a little later and I have had the microblading tattoo work done. It is a little sore but does not look too bad. Apparently it fades loads and by the time I go to get it topped up it will be a lot lighter. I chose a very light shade too. I am really pleased though and when I go back she will be arching it more and shaping it more for me. Glad I had it done now, I have pencilled in my brows since my teens and I will be sixty this year, so its going to be great. 


  1. I am exactly the same I was 68 in Sept and lost my eyebrows through over plucking too and had to pencil them in-not too successfully I might add -yours look great though
    Carol x

    1. aww thank you Carol. hopefully when they are healed and had the top up session I will be able to see properly what they look like with make up and stuff too x

  2. Wow, good for you June! That is amazing! Looks fantastic! Take care of you! Big Hugs!


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