Thursday, 3 January 2019

Being quiet and being busy

So although it looks like I have not done much lately, I have. I have been creating lots of new digital pieces and I have been working on my little goth doll in a book (I still need to make the book, her pic is below ) 

Also we have been working on a gothic dolls house, (long project ) 

So other than that, we are awaiting delivery of our new wardrobe for the bedroom, which means as we only have a really small one bed flat we need to move things around a lot. So the next couple of days will be sorting out bedroom stuff and bathroom stuff and turfing out things we don't need. 

Oh and since I began this post my tv had decided to die. It is annoying but in some ways refreshing. If it were up to me alone, it would not be replaced but hubby has a say in the matter so alas … the peace will not last too long. 

How is your New Year going ? 


  1. Enjoy your peace for a while, men seem to love their TV and blaring so loud...xx

  2. I love your doll!!! I hope the sorting out has been going well! Did you get a new t.v? Big Hugs!


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