Saturday, 22 December 2018

Little Goth doll progress

Hello my friends. Today I am staying home away from the craziness of the shops …. I want to keep my sanity intact as well as my temper lol.  Anyway I thought I would come and share a couple of things I am doing right now., Please comment and let me know your thoughts I would really appreciate it.

PLEASE  May I ask that you add to follow my other blog so I can have some followers, I will be creating all kinds of stuff there in the new year including a challenge weekly.   Dezina Creatives

 I am currently almost finished a digital set of nature inspired shapes and texture images kit. I am hoping for around 50 to 100 hundred items in the kit. 

Also I am altering a little doll about 4 and half inches high, She is getting a gothic make-over and will be living in a book box which will also be gothic, I am having so much fun with this little bisque doll. Here she is so far …..

Her face has had a make over and I made her a little black gothic skirt. She is gonna be gorgeous, currently working on her top and her hair, more pics later. 

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