Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas Wishes

This year has been terrible in a lot of ways and beautiful in some. Sadly I lost my uncle then my own mam. I have been trying to process it all but I am sure that will take a lot longer.

One of the things I have gained is 'time' time to play, time to create, I have restarted Dezinaworld   (see in right side bar for link )  The thing is, I intend to spend more time blogging in 2019. I really need to. I shall be here more often and attempting to catching  up with old friends and make new friends in blogland too. It always has been my fave web home.

So here is wishing a wonderful Christmas and a very happy 2019 x

Love from June x


  1. Have a very merry Christmas dear June!
    So sorry to hear you had such a bad year!
    I am looking forward to read from you more often in 2019!
    Blogging is a great thing and making art and sharing things with people in blogland helps to heal us!

    Big hugs,

    1. It really does help Susi, thank you so much. I shall be doing just that. Healing and doing what mam would want for me, art and love. x

  2. So sorry to hear of your losses June-take card and best wishes for Christmas and a better New Year
    Carol x

    1. Thanks so much Carol. that's so kind of you. All the best wishes for Christmas and New year from me too xxxx


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