Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Huge thanks

Huge thank you's to all of you for your support on my previous post. It meant a lot to me. I have always loved blogging and always come back to it. Facebook is handy and useful for keeping in touch with family but it can be a pain too. I think I will be Blogging more than FBooking in the future. I prefer it. 

I am keeping this blog for all my normal stuff and I have now added a new blog which I am working on just for my darker art and interests. Please feel free to follow.   A LOT LESS ORDINARY   Assemblage art, digital art etc  for Magical, Gothic, dark.steampunk fun etc.  If you enjoy those things. I would love a following .

Have a lovely week its my sisters birthday today I have bought her a beautiful crystal as she collects them. 

my latest digital finished today  :) 


  1. (long row of HUGE hearts) ;) see you on the Darkside XXX

  2. I am not interested in other people's problems and everyday'S lifes and so I put nothing on FB , - I just be there as I thought I would get art inspiration...but meanwhile have too much friends collected and get so much unappealing things to see there that I avoid it. Just once a month I am looking into the groups I am involved to get some inspiration. BUt nearly nothing there which appeals to me normally! But I like Pinterest the most to get inspiration meanwhile and of course YT. AND I LOVE blogging and visiting other's people's blogs and I love my challengeblog folk - they mean a lot to me!
    On FB everybody can post but bloggers are much more personal to me!
    Enjoy your sister's birthday and have a happy weekend June!
    Love from Susi

    1. And I love her watching the beautiful butterfly !♥♥♥
      YOur digital art appeals to me!

  3. Big Hugs June! We are here for you!
    Happy Birthday to your sister!

  4. Your latest work is truly gorgeous!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful, June.
    I love the mysterious background and the iridescent butterfly and also love the blue frame which finishes the art off perfectly. Frames are so important.

  6. I'm not sure where to begin - firstly thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog June :)
    I really love your digital page and the beautiful magical scene.
    I am now following your other blog too as that really appeals to me.
    I'm sorry to hear what happened on FB - I try and avoid there if poss as I find bloggers so different and are warm and friendly. Keep strong and positive xx
    Hope your sister had a nice birthday ( I'm just getting into crystals so I'm sure she must have loved her lovely gift).
    Gill xxx


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