Friday, 22 June 2018

Being Older and being strange

Hi all, 

So i began this blog two years ago at aged 57 i am now 59 and heading towards 60. I am rebelling.

Here is a list of things you may or may not know about me, I would love it if you all did a list too of the 'older you'.

59 and beyond 

1/  I adore all the darkly delicious stuff (in a fun way )
2/I change my hair colour often and its vibrant red at the moment
3/ I am refusing to be a typical old lady
4/ I have a new blog for my darker side A Lot Less Ordinary
5/ love binge watching series on tv
6/ I have a shortness of hours in the day even though i am health related retired
7/ Colour is my all life passion.
8/ I wear make up when i want to .... for me.
9/ I love my family and friends above all else - they are the world.
10/ I try to be positive always (it ain't always easy but i do )

Bonus ........ I would never knowingly hurt another soul in my whole life. 

Happy Friday my friends.  


  1. Grow old disgracefully lol :-))))))))

  2. You look so young June !
    You have not just a young heart!

    Happy weekend!

  3. *waves flag of unity* ;) Been like this since I turned 50 mwahahaha XXX

  4. took me 9 years longer lol

  5. Good for you June! I'm proud of you! Big Hugs!

  6. Yay! Strange is good! I was 60 last year and love it! I am not a typical old lady either and wear make up when I want and don't when I don't want and am happy with either. I have dyed my hair since I was 15 and now have chosen to go natural - mostly grey - and I love it! Will be buying purple, pink and blue wash out sprays to add bits of colour when I fancy though! xxx


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