Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Creating crystals

Hi all I have been experimenting again. I am creating crystals from foil and paint and stickles. Having fun. I will post another picture when I have them finished. They will be going in a cabinet of curiosities I am making. I hope to add more layers to the crystals. 

Sorry so long away. I have continuing health issues which I do not want to bore everyone with but I am still here, still creating and considering writing poetry and prose again too. 

Have a lovely week all.



  1. They look unique June! Get well soon my friend! Happy May! Hugs, Susi

  2. I was hoping you'd let us in on the secret....would never have guessed "foil"!!! XXX

  3. Hope you feel better soon June xx

  4. These look very interesting June, how clever. I look forward to seeing how they progress and housed in their little curiosity home.
    Sending healing hugs your way Tracey xx

  5. These crystals are so cool! Please take care of your health!! Big Hugs!


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