Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Stencil and home made modelling paste

A long time ago I bought some second hand wooden wall  plaques. I painted them and put them away. Then this week I dragged them out to use with this months Altered Pages theme on stencils. 
I decided to go crazy and make a fabulous mixed media piece. It turned out pretty good. 

I began by making the modelling paste. That was made with equal parts school glue (pva here in the UK ) and paint (colour does not matter so I chose grey acrylic ) and then added talcum powder and mixed until it became the consistency of modelling paste. I l used two stencils with the modelling paste to create some patterns and rough texture in parts too. I left overnight until dry.

I found and arranged lots of metal and die cut card cogs. bead trims gems , some metal keys and a wooden clock face. I added them to the surface with Gorilla glue. 
I left two pieces for adding later as I wanted them to not be painted over. 

Next I painted the whole thing with black acrylic paste. It needed three coats. 

When dry I painted with lots of metallic paints in colours I like and then dried and coated again especially in the parts hard to get too.. Finally after drying I added some silver rub on to parts I wanted to highlight and I added the two pieces I kept back. One is a bulb that says inspire. I covered it in stickles silver glitter glue and dried. The other is a piece I made using a small frame and some card stock and some glossy accents (left to dry overnight too )  I glues these two final parts into the spaces I left for them and left to dry. Here are some close ups of the various parts. 

 The colour seems to change depending on the light but I do enjoy these tones. Hope you like it too. 

Products used 

home made modelling paste. 


  1. WOW fabulous; you are so creative :-)

  2. Fantastic! WOW!
    Happy Easter dear June!
    oxo Susi

  3. Its a fabulous project, the textures and colours look gorgeous.
    Happy Easter June.
    Yvonne xx

  4. A beautiful display June, those colours together remind me of oil on water and gives the most magnificent reflection. So many hidden elements to discover, I could spend hours looking at it. Thank you for sharing.
    Creative Easter wishes Tracey xx

  5. Oo wow! This is absolutely awesomely gorgeous! Love the colours and the texture. What a brilliant idea to make your own modelling paste. xxx

  6. That is so cool June! I LOVE it!!! Well done! Hope you had a great Easter! Big Hugs!

  7. I'm addicted to Steampunk - this is really cool, I love LOVE this...gorgeous colours too.
    Gill x


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