Monday, 5 March 2018

Real Memory problems

This is a photo of my parents taken on my 50th birthday which will be 9 years ago in June.  Dad since then got Cancer and sadly died. Mam at the time was in mid stage Early onset Alzheimers. She was 69 at the time. I miss them both in different ways. Dad has gone physically and Mam has gone into the blackness of dementia. 

I am beginning to show real signs of Early Onset Alzheimers disease. I will give one example and talk more about it tomorrow. 

Yesterday I was making tea and toast for breakfast and the toast went missing. I looked and looked but nowhere to be seen. I began to look into silly places and there it was. Two slices of unbuttered toast sitting lonely on top of the clean dinner plates in the kitchen wall cupboard  (reminding me of the many times I found similar things when I was mams carer ) 

Oh well have to laugh crying ..... big girl pants on and all that  :) 


  1. Oh June, sending Angels to you xx

  2. You are not alone June -
    I have such curious things happen here every day - but it is not the beginning of Alzheimer, it is because I never take all my thoughts into what I do ... always thinking what doing next and so on..and then such curious things happen to me, my gosh!
    I decided to do all things much more mindful from now on !

    My mother died of cancer 5 years ago.
    My MIL ( she died many years ago )was dement and it really was sad - but the love was always there... that's right! She was such a lovely person . even at last , as nothing was in her longer.

    All the best dear June!
    You are in my thoughts!


  3. I have to agree with Susi, I too seem to let my brain move onto the next thing before I have finished with the first and often blame their disappearance on my dearly departed Nan moving it around. We lost her to Alzheimer's 10 years past but there is never a day pass that I do not think of her and how it has affected others.

    Do not let past experiences with your family darken any of your days June..
    Thinking of you
    Tracey x

  4. June take a deep breath! Maybe it isn't? Maybe it's because you have a lot going on. Please take it day by day and keep on smiling! We are here for you!! Big Hugs!

  5. Maybe be it too much on your mind....I put things down and can't find them....My brother who is 70s has Alzheimer...lives on his own....Sending hugs Joolsx

  6. Gorgeous photo of your Mum and Dad. Sending hugs xxx


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