Sunday, 4 March 2018

Different post

Hi my friends, Hoping everyone is well and life is being good to you. I am good, I am strong and determined so whatever you take from the post below please do not think I need sympathy or anything like that it is just that when I first made this blog I made the title 57 BEYOND  because I wanted to use it for all kinds of everything in my life from the age of 57 and beyond. Now those things should include good and bad. Its kind of a journal with bits and bobs of all kinds and up until now I have mainly used it for crafts and arts so anyone who wants to skip this or any future posts like it, feel free to do so.

I WILL be posting the following things in the future. 

Thoughts and feelings

Things that are happening to me as I get older

Quotes and links

Videos from you tube I want to share and why

Crafts and arts of course

Total and complete honesty.

WHY ?   ......   I need to put things in black and white. I need to share because its important I do, some things I share to make me feel better, some I share to hopefully help other people. 

The things I need to talk about in the next few days will be




These will be the things I want to talk about first. I hope I wont bore anyone. I do intend the blog to be informative and upbeat though so please don't feel its going to be gloom and doom. It wont be, that is not who I am lol.  

  1. Anyway, enough  !!!   That's another thing. The posts will be short, I do not want to have long winded posts 



  1. Super idea June! I am looking forward to your posts!

  2. Your personal blog honey, post whatever you need to. I do on mine...and just writing it down helps relieve some of the stress of a particular situation XXX

  3. I’m looking forward to reading your posts June - a great idea.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. I saw this post in my feed yesterday June and just knew I needed to read it when I had the time to fully take it in. Your so brave June, I wish I was as brave to use my blog for words and feelings rather than just what I see and create.. Maybe one day.
    I look forward to listening whilst walking alongside you ..
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  5. We are here for you June!!! This is your blog!! Big Hugs!


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