Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Crafting and such

Today I wanted to share some art and stuff. I will do that further down.

Adam ( my son, see previous post ) is still in hospital. results of the lumbar puncture are clear. He will be having an MRI scan today then referred to Neurosurgery at another hospital either as in patient or out patient. Will find out later.

So my husband Sam decided to get into crafts and we now do them together. In January we finished this Fairy house. we built it from clay and we painted and made all the accessories from scratch.

SO what about now ? This is what I am working on now, I created these tiles to make the roof for my altered dolls house. This will be a spooky house so the tiles are meant to be aged, 

Ok a good day feeling accomplished, working on projects and even baked an apple pie which we will have with cream soon. Just waiting for news from Adam. 

Let me know what was the last item you cooked or baked ? 

Happy Wednesday evening from June in the UK x


  1. Hope all goes well for Adam. Love the projects...and apple pie :D XXX

  2. What a great adventure for both you and your hubby June, no worrying about hiding the newly brought craft items for you and if so it will be because you want to use it before hubby gets his hands on it hee hee!! A Magnificent project created together.
    Hope your news from Adam was positive, well wishes and good thoughts being sent your way.
    The apple pie sounds delicious.. Quiche would have to be my last bake.
    Sweet Dreams Tracey xx

    1. Thanks Tracey, Oh I love Quiche, now you got me thinking about my next bake lol x

  3. WOW what a fabulous project. So detailed :-)

    Best wishes to your son xx

    Yesterday I made a birthday cake for my granddaughter .

  4. Ooh such a glorious fairy house - so much detail and how nice you are doing it together! Looking forward to seeing the finished spooky house. Good wishes to your son. My last bake was rhubarb crumble. xxx

  5. Hello June, sorry it has taken me a while to get back to visiting you here. You have for sure been having a bad time. Keep positive and enjoy your crafting. Its a super escape route, asks no questions, can be forgotten one day and remembered the next and doesn't have to be perfect.
    It is a fantastic project you created Sam and I look forward to seeing your altered dolls house.
    I hope all goes well for your son.
    Take care of yourself.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Gorgeous and brilliant make June, I am following you now, please pop over and follow me. We have a lot in common, I cared for my dad too for 5 years so know what's it like. Dementia is not coming your way it's years of caring for the ones you love.xx 💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

  7. Hi June, I hope your son will soon be feeling better. I love the fairy courtyard you and your husband created. It is outstanding. I can't believe the amount of detail and work that went into making it. Glad you can share your crafting passion with your husband. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!

  8. I love this fairy house- it is amazing!

  9. Prayers continually being sent for your son! I am hoping you got good news! Wow, I can't believe how creative you and your husband are! So talented! I love that fairy house!! Your spooky house is looking cool! Big Hugs!


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