Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday May 5th .... Thank you Blogger

Tough times recently for myself but I am back on track. My health has suffered but I have a change of medication, a new consultant and a new outlook. I am taking things slowly and easily and really do not want to get into what has been wrong but I feel like I have turned a corner and am finally able to see the way forward. One big thing in my life that has been a fly in the ointment has been Facebook. I have had some personal issues with it and am now totally free of it. I have had to leave it completely without fanfare etc and have totally uninstalled it. I think that too much social media has a lot to answer for. I have decided that I will go back to my gentle blogging days and just be around 'lightly' within social media instead of full on time consuming etc. 

Google blogging has always been a place I like to be and I love the relaxed feel of it. I hope everyone has a lovey weekend.

June x