Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Using it up

I have come to a couple of conclusions recently. One is, i am getting too old to sweat the small stuff. I am giving up doing digital so much but have a huge collection of images to share which will be shared on my other blog Dezinaworld15. This will be done over the next year and the unedited photo's will have their own category for all those who wish to use them.

I also realized that art .... physical art is all about (for me ) 'The play' factor. So i am journalling a lot lately. Also as i can not afford to keep going with all the new stamps inks, embellishments etc etc i have decided to carry on making journals, the odd tags and cards but i WILL NOT be buying any more craft things  except for paint or ink. I am using up my current stuff instead and recycling. If i don't have the newest things, i will survive and make art play all the same. 

I hope everyone else is having a great time this week. Is anyone else doing the same ? I just cant keep up any more lol. Wish i could.

This is just a little painty fun journal page from yesterday 


  1. Yay for Play!!!! I came to the same conclusion earlier this year re using up stash...hasn't stopped me shopping completely lol, but it has made me much more selective :D XXX

  2. BTW Do you follow Brenda Browns blog? Bumblebee's and Butterflies...she shares messy techniques every tuesday...fun to try :D XXX

  3. Beautiful art work June; good luck with getting through your stash :-)

  4. I love the colours of your journal! I agree, use your stash up and make your art for you! You don't have to "buy" a lot to have fun!!! Big Hugs!

  5. Fabulous journal page and I wholeheartedly agree with your post I an no longer afford to "keep up" with all the latest stuff and sets of dies and stamps are getting ridiculously overpriced-at the moment all I am buying is glue and DST as have another other stuff for a lifetime!!!
    Carol x

  6. A wonderful journal page, I love the colours. I went through my craft room earlier in the year and got rid of a load of stuff and I still have way too much left.
    xxx Hazel.


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