Saturday, 22 April 2017

Gel press coaster set

Gel printing coasters was so much fun. I wanted a kind of animal/tribal type of look and this is how it went.
I took some card coasters that were old charity shop finds to alter, and used them as a base. Any thick card would also work.
This is my design team project for Altered Pages

I covered four of them in Gesso and left to dry and chose four paint color's , including black white, brown and metallic bronze. I covered the Gel press with black and brown and brayered on to a piece of white card. I drew swirls and patterns with the end of a paint brush and then printed. I dried the layer and added more paint and repeated the process.

On the final layer I added some black and white again and bronze and layed it down quite thickly in places. I pressed it lightly with my hands instead of the brayer and because the paint was still quite thick it created a textured look I used the end of the paint brush again and I then added some black paint circles using two size caps from bottles and dried the whole lot.

I drew around the coasters for the right size. covered the back of the gel print and the top of the charity coasters in mod podge (matt ) and adhered in place. Finally I sealed over the top with two more layers of Mod podge.

I was very pleased with the outcome as it achieved the tribal look but in an abstract kind of way.


  1. Looks amazing June!! A lot of work, but worth it!!! Love them!

  2. Fantastic, looks great but sure seems to be involving a lot, great work.xx ♥[aNNie]


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