Saturday, 22 April 2017

Gel press coaster set

Gel printing coasters was so much fun. I wanted a kind of animal/tribal type of look and this is how it went.
I took some card coasters that were old charity shop finds to alter, and used them as a base. Any thick card would also work.
This is my design team project for Altered Pages

I covered four of them in Gesso and left to dry and chose four paint color's , including black white, brown and metallic bronze. I covered the Gel press with black and brown and brayered on to a piece of white card. I drew swirls and patterns with the end of a paint brush and then printed. I dried the layer and added more paint and repeated the process.

On the final layer I added some black and white again and bronze and layed it down quite thickly in places. I pressed it lightly with my hands instead of the brayer and because the paint was still quite thick it created a textured look I used the end of the paint brush again and I then added some black paint circles using two size caps from bottles and dried the whole lot.

I drew around the coasters for the right size. covered the back of the gel print and the top of the charity coasters in mod podge (matt ) and adhered in place. Finally I sealed over the top with two more layers of Mod podge.

I was very pleased with the outcome as it achieved the tribal look but in an abstract kind of way.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Spring Hues canvas

I have so enjoyed using gel printing in this project, Altered Pages allowed us to play with gel press for this months projects and this canvas is the first of mine.

Items used were :

canvas board A6




Plain thin white card

Gel press

Acrylic paints

Fabric and paper flowers

Die cut butterflies and fancy borders.


marker pens

To begin I made the gel press using thin white card and acrylic pains the first layer was a fabulous yellow then I added turquoise and blue paints over two old masks I had in my stash plus various patterns using the wrong end of a thin paint brush to draw along the brayered layer of paint.

This was done in layers and then when dried. I tore the paper and adhered to the canvas board. The left side of the canvas is the gel pressed side.

The other side of the canvas I covered in various flowers and die cut borders the fancy kind which I tore up to use as texture. I stuck them all down to the canvas surface along the right side and waited for them to dry, Once dried I used Gesso over the whole right side and the same acrylic Colors over the gesso surface and left to dry again. When totally dried I added some mica paint to the textures surface for shimmer.

The butterflies are die cuts (two types of butterflies one on top of the other, Coloured with markers and stuck down last of all.

I hope you enjoyed this project and there are lots more to see at Altered Pages Blog. And check out the fab Gel press in the store now. Have a lovely week.