Friday, 7 October 2016

Back in action

 Its been a difficult time recently with a nasty flu type bug descending on our household and also with a fight for care rights for my mam with Alzheimers. Me and my sister are determined to get that one sorted out. 
Yesterday though, i was feeling well enough to create these little Halloween witch ATC's. 

  • collaged the background with various scraps. 
  • Added inks 
  • Sprayed with ink dots
  • Created crackle over the collaged backgrounds using acrylic paints and crackle glaze.
  • Stamped a little girl by Santoro stamps
  • Coloured her with Marco refine pencils and fine liners. Then fussy cut her and edged with black to hide the white edges. 
  • Hand drew the little witch hats onto patterned paper and cut out.
  • put together ATC and finished off with pens etc. 


  1. Aw these are delightful :-)

    Good luck with your battle xx

  2. Super cute - glad you had some inky play and created these little treasures xx

  3. These are just super cute :D XXX

  4. Hope all goes well with care for your mum June

    The ATCs are so pretty with the little girls and the beautiful colours

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. These are real cute little witches, its a fantastic set of ATC's.
    Hope all goes well with the care for your mum.
    Yvonne xx

  6. I love your little witch ATCs - they're so cute. I hope all goes well with the care for your mum - we're having a similar battle with the care for my father in law.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. I love your creations! So cute! I hope you feel better and I am so sorry about your mom!!

  8. I love your ATCs, June. Very clever. What has happened to the Cheeky Challenge, by the way?

  9. omg... these are beautiful and adorable! And I love your handdrawn hats!! So awesome!


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