Saturday, 3 September 2016

Chunky Monkey Ice-cream

Hi all, well its been a funny kind of week for me. Full of good intentions but nothing much achieved. I am good with that. Life is like that sometimes and we just have to go with the flow.
We managed to get some painting done and finished the cabinets in the bedroom though.

Something strange did happen though. Yesterday,  I asked Sam to put a c d on for a little background music.  He asked what i wanted i said 'You choose'. He put on a country mix and the first song came on ' Rose garden by Lynn Anderson' Dad and I used to sing this together. The song that followed was also one of Dads fave songs. 'Ghost riders in the sky' ..... Weird you may think ? Well a few minutes later Sam was moving a unit in the hallway to clear behind it and .... this was found behind it. " Hello Dad, we miss and love you "

I am feeling creative but nothing much is being produced. My sister in law is here for the weekend so maybe after the weekend i may actually get something creative done. 

My mind is turning to losing some pounds (much needed ) and so i am going to start collecting a few nice recipes to keep the job of weight loss a little more pleasant and less boring. Here is one i found today. Chunky Monkey Ice cream ... Love that idea. Here is a link to the blog  page Chunky Monkey Ice-cream    I will definitely be trying this one. My plan is to plan out some foods and recipes. Buy and make them all, Freeze and then begin. .... We will see how that goes . My plans do not always go to plan lol. 

Hope everyone has a magical weekend


  1. Glad your enjoying life right now babes :D ...and did you know Slimming World now do frozen ready meals? Saw them in Iceland last week...might be useful while you get your own ready :D XXX

    1. Oh wow thats a good idea. I will check that out Gina. Thanks my friend. x


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