Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday 27th August

Hi all. It has been a while since i updated this blog so i am here with a catch up really. The year is fast disappearing and i feel Christmas coming on. I will begin  making cards for that soon and have already collected a lot of gifts for Christmas. You can guess i still won't be done when Christmas is upon us. X factor begins now, that always makes me think of Christmas as it runs until then. 
This month has been very busy. We bought a brand new cooker as the old one kept smoking badly and the temp in the oven was rubbish. So the new one has been installed by hubby yesterday.

We also got new single beds as I have sleeping issues and poor hubby can not get any kip with my restless leg syndrome combined with my breathing and coughing difficulties due to the COPD. This is making a huge difference already. Hubby is a happy bunny bless him and even our little furball seems to like swapping over  beds lol. 

We stayed with my sister-in-law for a few days last week which made a nice change too. 
I am looking forward to doing some furniture alterations this winter as well as the usual crafting. I have some drawers and some small tables to have fun with. This will be a first for me. :) Also looking forward to creating some abstract canvas paintings. 

Have a great weekend and week ahead everyone. I leave you with some fun music to bring back memories ...

June x


  1. Hope the new beds sort the sleep issue - looking forward to seeing your Christmas makes


  2. Hi June. I managed to follow your blog here by just adding your link using the ADD button on my dashboard. It seems to have worked.
    Yvonne xx

  3. So pleased to see you blogging again...and thanks for the music..loved it!!
    I started making my Christmas cards today...and I've done some shopping...but I won't be ready!
    The new beds sound like a great idea...and, yes, bed hopping pets are great too!
    Sue xx

    1. Thanks Susie, you are a tonic, you inspire me to blog all the time. Christmas cards on there way here too. x

  4. Hi June.. finally figured it out.. so following you here now too... lol.. sounds like you are getting things sorted out.. all good.. can hardly wait to see what you do for christmas.. it's panic time here for the fall shows.. as soon as the wedding is over this weekend.. there will no no rest for me.. take care!! xx


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