Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Cooker

Today is a shopping day. One of the items i need to shop for is a brand new electric cooker. We have  a very small apartment/flat and so i have to make sure that we buy a suitable standard sized cooker.
One of the things i have learned over time is that when you need to buy an item that will last for a good long time, you need to make no compromises lightly.

 You know what you want, you know what features you want, so go and buy it that way. If not, you may regret the purchase and it may end up being a costly mistake.You would never believe how long it took me to learn that and being short of money often made me compromise.  So with that in mind, i shall venture out to buy a new cooker. 

Have you always known that or has age and experience taught you this or other lessons like this one ?

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