Sunday, 10 February 2019

Silly but normal morning. (yes it really is how i roll )

As I drag my mind into beginning the day (finally because this is not the first time in the last 8 hours I have been constantly roused by my wonderful nightwear) . I have no choice I have to adorn my face with this monstrous thing . They call it a CPAP mask. I call it 'The thing'.  The thing is necessary due to something called Central Sleep Apnea. I am at risk of dying in my sleep if I don't wear it so 'The thing' is also my saviour. You have to laugh at these things because they are sent to try us. I no longer think of things like this in the negative, I just laugh because I am blessed a million times more with my life and lets face it ….. I am thankful I have one.

Ok so continuing on. I go get  a cup of tea ( not going to do anything until I have had at least one cuppa, maybe two. (it turned out to be two ).  Spoke to Sam about going to buy some decent large sofa cushions as I have wanted them for a while. It was either that or a new sofa and to be honest I am not that bothered about things like that, just comfort. The cushions will do that. Only thing is, I want them to last a while and not go all flat.  So time to get ready. Off to the bathroom.

The mirror is a nightmare, well ok it is the reflection that is the nightmare. Fat and almost 60 with the latest in scary bed hair styles is just …. well frightening.  The job ahead is not going to be easy.

Ok  brush my teeth, admire my tram lines down my chubby cheeks caused by the mask. Splash the mirror with toothpaste, think about cleaning it. Don't.

Shower. Ok not even getting into that one. Suffice to say it tires me out as it gets me breathless and I need a cuppa ( left on the dresser by my hubby ) while I sit on the bed damp and bedraggled waiting to get my breath back. Once done I reach for the hair dryer and dry my hair. Think about putting make up on. Don't. Get dressed add  various sprays and deodorant and I am ready to rock and roll.

We decide to go to The Range for cushions and to Aldi for my top up the food store fix.
Aldi comes first and we manage to buy two huge bags of top up stuff for just under £20 which is not bad all things considered.

Off to the Range (We are now on dangerous territory because of the craft section lurking on the right hand side of the store )    Ok so we walk through the doors and hubby said "lets go to the craft section because I know you want to and we are not coming back here this week ". Well if he puts it THAT way. (C' mon you cant blame me )

Ok so two sets of storage drawers, a set of pretty sequins, a precision rule and 4 packs of Fimo (had to be 4 for the savings lol ) later, and we head towards where they sell cushions. Except I get as far as kitchen stuff and need to buy a replacement large steam pan. A trolley too full to add cushions is still pushed defiantly to the 'Cushion section'. Half an hour of looking at lovely large fancy cushions and squeezing about twenty of them gets me to the point of. "They do not sell decent cushions here, I need to go elsewhere"   Hubby replies " not today you don't we have frozen cod in the car boot".

So we travel home 'cushionless. as I  check that even at 12.10 pm I still have deep ridges in my cheeks from my mask lol.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Never too late lol

for Sunday Postcard Art    Ballet ….. a little girls dream (this is not the current theme but appealed to me. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Gettin over it & Mini clay fruits

Hi my friends 
Its been a tough couple of weeks. I am still recovering from the remnants of a nasty virus that made my COPD a lot worse. Still unsure if healing properly but will go back to check if need be. I have literally had no strength or desire to do anything and apart from feeling low and frustrated, its been hell. BUT ….. Moving on, since yesterday I have been coming round a little and even made some tiny clay pieces for the Goth Doll house. The scale of these fruits is tiny as you can see. I did start them weeks ago but only just been finishing them today. I will show them properly when I display in their bowl but for now here they are. 

 Polymer clay, alcohol ink type pens and sharpies.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

This rings so true for me as from today.

I have decided to stop saying yes to people and situations that don’t support my well-being. Instead, I will say yes to my happiness, and yes to my growth, and yes to all the people and things that inspire me to be authentic and whole, while at the same time accepting me just as I am. My yes, from here on out, is my pledge to live honestly, my commitment to love myself fiercely, and my cry to create my best life possible. Yes.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Hi my lovely blogging family. First of all thanks for your lovely comments on the previous doll house post. As soon as I have some energy I will be visiting my lovely followers to say hello. 

Today I am totally exhausted. No sleep and no fun was had last night lol. I seem to have picked up a cold and a cough. I wear a cpap mask at night because of central sleep apnea  and it was very uncomfortable because of the cough, the breathing and the leaking air …. so finally got up this morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed. I am going to spend today filling up with hot tea and making the most of the situation by resting and thinking and maybe some tv. The joys lol. Hopefully if I am a good girl by tomorrow I will feel more like a functioning human again. 

Have a lovely day today and stay warm and safe my friends.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

more doll house etc

So hubby and I have been working hard on what will be the living room in our gothic house. Here are the pictures so far. 

Floor panels walls and fireplace. still lots to do though on this. 

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Teeny tiny miniature pencils

You may be getting to know that Sam (hubby) and I are doing a massive make-over on a dolls house. It is large but only has 6 rooms. We decided to make it a gothic house as we thought it would appeal to us and be fun to do. That is proving true. One of the things we decided was it would be stuffed full in drawers, cabinets, wardrobes and the house itself. So it looked kind of 'lived in' and that it would be a surprise for whoever ends up owning it. So from time to time over this venture, I will be posting little things we make. 

These are some tiny ( 1 12th scale ) teensy weensy pencils I created for the drawers in the desk. So fiddly but so satisfying to create.