Sunday, 19 May 2019

Sunday Postcard Art - Stars

Over at Sunday Postcard Art, the theme this week is 'Stars' I created this postcard using a watercolour paper postcard and added lots of colour and water to the background using Ecoline pens. Such vibrant colour.  I hand drew the trees and stars using Posca pens and also using sparkle pens from Sakura. The images were all my own digital creations and i printed and cut them out. What fun this one was. Thanks for the challenge SPA  

There are tiny sparkling stars on her sash as well but they are hard to see. 

Friday, 17 May 2019

Pidgeon rescue

Our communal garden is surrounded by a wire fence. It backs onto fences from surrounding houses. The gap between is where the pidgeon got stuck. We found it today flapping around in there. We asked the manager to ring the RSPB   She did and they would not help. Then she was on hold for 20 minutes with RSPCA  hoping they might help. We were so worried about the poor bird. Hubby Sam came to the rescue  by digging a tunnel hole under the fence so the poor bird could get out. The bird needed some prompting to find the tunnel entrance but he did it in the end lol. 

Took this while the pidgeon was discovering the hole in the ground lol. 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Lots of sunshine

Life is lovely in the spring/summer, so much to see even if its just in the garden. Sadly we can not do too much in ours as its a communal one run by the council. But we have installed a glider bench lots of solar lights and alpine plants as well as wildflowers. We have a lovely little water feature, lanterns and bird bath. In the middle is a huge tree, (the messiest tree you ever saw  it sheds something in every season, branches,leaves and stuff ).

Spending so many days out there while we have sunshine. It feels like heaven. Our little dog comes with us while Sam (my other half ) does some gardening and i sit like a queen listening to summer sounds, birds and sometimes music from my laptop. I paint and glue and do all kinds of things while out there. 

Now that is what i call a garden of Eden.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Sunday Postcard Art

So i have had 3 hospital appts, one CT scan and one dental appointment. Lots of time in the garden and no blogging lol. So here i am catching up with everyone.

I created these two postcards for Sunday Postcard Art.  The theme (chosen by me ) was Flower Child'  Using  papers, cut images, paint and pens. I have had a lot of fun making these as i dont get to collage often but am really enjoying it just now. I hope you will enjoy my postcards and pop over and see the fantastic ones from Mandy and everyone else at SPA   

Many Thanks to Mandy for allowing me to choose a theme.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Thursday already

Hello my friends. Its a blogging day so hoping to pay lots of visits to you today.

The vegan journey has begun and i am finding out lots of things i didn't know about food and drink. It certainly is a learning process. I have begun by stocking up on veggies, rice and grains, more nuts and seeds, fruit and veg. Yesterday i finished off my old pasta in preparation for the changes and cooked up some veggies with it.

Today i thought i would share pictures of my little fur ball 'Jojo'  I wanted you to see some of the cuteness i have in my life.

Some of you are aware that i love my digital work too so i have added a page today with Some of the digital work i have done in 2019 and a couple of older ones. They can be found by clicking on top bar dark and digital section. (be warned .... avoid if you dont like scary stuff lol. )

This is one of those favourites. Its called 'We can do magic'

Hope everyone has a wonderful arty fun day  
June x

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

T stands for Tea on Tuesday after a long wait.

Well today was the day of the Endoscopy and i had nil by mouth until i got home around 4pm. Guess what i wanted most ? yes you guessed it. A nice cup of tea. so appropriate as i am joining the T gang over at Bluebeard and Elizabeths blog  HERE 

They found nothing other than polyps and hiatus hernia and have taken biopsies of my duodenum. I will get the results in 8 weeks. I am so glad that bit is over with.

My first cup of the day

I have begun my vegan eating from today and so far so good. vegetarian sausages and yesterdays left over bubble and Squeak.  

Feeling tired now so going to have a little time on my glider seat in the garden. 

Hope you all had a fabulous day too. x

Monday, 29 April 2019

New look

You may notice i have a new look to my blog. a simple style but perfect for me these days. I like the drop down side bar its leaves the blog looking uncluttered. Love it.
Its been a lovely day and spent some quality time in the garden with hubby and our little dog Jojo. Had a short visit from my son and his wife. Also we went shopping. I picked up some vegetarian items for my new vegan cupboard.

Tomorrow i will be going for the Endoscopy so will have nothing to eat until after that. I will blog when i find out more. 

Sunday Postcard Art - Stars

Over at Sunday Postcard Art , the theme this week is 'Stars' I created this postcard using a watercolour paper postcard and added lo...